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Drawing is easy – I mean it! You just need to have the right teacher

I know what I am talking about as a few months ago, I was a total beginner in this matter. All my life (up to this point) I was sure I could not draw – that is, until I moved to Melbourne and had the opportunity to learn from Angie Rehe. If you have someone – like Angie – who knows how to show you all the worthwhile tricks and techniques, then you can start expressing yourself. It is a relaxing experience.

It doesn’t have to be a love for fashion illustration that could lead you to Angie Rehe’s weekend classes. No matter what you want to illustrate (your cat, mother, lover or a dream), you can learn from Angie how to do just that. She makes drawing both relaxing and fun. I know I sound like a fan of hers but that is because I really am. If you have a Sunday to kill in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to check the schedule of The Patsyfox Drawing Salon. You never know what you could discover about yourself, and you might just surprise yourself with your own potential – like I did. Totally unexpected but incredibly worthwhile.

Here are some photos I made during the Ink Class I took with her one weekend.

Angie Rehe demonstrates different ink drawing techniques
The class was held in the Frankie and Swiss studio, in South Yarra
Another demonstration by Angie
Every student was drawing from the same photo
Angie Rehe’s illustration on the left and mine on the right…    Long way to go for me 🙂


We also draw some Chanel haute couture – here is my illustration
Angie always says something motivational to draw
The class passed in the blink of an eye

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  1. Oh I am also convince I cant draw or paint and it has been this way since I was 6yo in a polish school bashed by the teacher who said I had zero talent in art. I took it quite seriously and aince then decided I can not draw or sing (!) however with time I actually got to like art a lot. Visiting museums all over The world is one of my fav. So I quite want to test myself again whether I am a hopeless kind or maybe I need a good teacher, like your lovely lady! Great post! X

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