Alicja Kowalska


I started my career as a stylist in the monthly magazine PANI. During 1998-2006, I was the head of fashion department in VIVA!. I was both the editor and the concept author of numerous photo shoots. Together with Filip Niedenthal I created the VIVA MODA magazine and held the position of its chief editor during 2002-2006.

After leaving VIVA! in 2006, I was the fashion director in PANI magazine, and fashion director in ELLE Polska in 2011. During 2012-14, I had the opportunity to pursue the career of a Creative Director at TATUUM, a well-known Polish retail company. Upon leaving TATUUM I started cooperated with the Polish edition of Harper’s Bazaar as a freelancer.

I was a stylist and also producer of photo shoots (managing the budget), and was also the executive art buyer for all of the magazines I was employed by. I cooperated with leading polish designers as a style consultant and fashion marketing consultant while they worked on their collections.

I supervised the work of fashion design, visual merchandising and graphic design departments in TATUUM. I also designed concepts for window displays and created, produced and implemented image campaigns.

Now I am studying Branded Fashion Design at Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia, living in Melbourne and ready to explore the Australian sense of style, broaden my horizons and create new opportunities. Everything seems to be possible here!